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  • Aggie Chocolate Factory - Bees Brothers Caramel bundle

    Aggie Chocolate Factory - Bees Brothers Caramel bundle

    The Aggie Chocolate Factory - Bees Brothers Caramel bundle comprises a delightful assortment. It includes a 50% cacao Thistle & Rose milk chocolate bar, a 1/4lb box of Bees Brothers Chocolate Honey Caramels made using Aggie Chocolate and cocoa nibs,...

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  • Aggie Chocolate Factory Mug Kit with premium frother

    Aggie Chocolate Factory Mug Kit with premium frother

    Indulge in the ultimate cozy experience with the Aggie Chocolate Factory Mug Kit. Crafted for the true chocolate aficionado, this kit combines artisanal delight with convenience. At its heart lies a sturdy 15oz campfire ceramic mug, perfect for...

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  • Aggie Hot Chocolate 12 oz. 11 servings

    Aggie Hot Chocolate 12 oz. 11 servings

    Calling all Aggies and hot chocolate enthusiasts! Get ready to savor the perfect blend of creamy cocoa sweetness that has become the all-time favorite hot chocolate of Aggies everywhere. Whether you're cheering for your team at a football game, attending...

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  • Batons

    Batons - Dark Chocolate (50 sticks)

    Indulge in a package of 50 exquisite chocolate batons, meticulously crafted to complement your Aggie Hot Chocolate or elevate your culinary creations. These batons serve as the perfect condiment, offering a rich and versatile chocolate addition that...

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  • Cocoa Pod Variety Bag (21 count)

    Cocoa Pod Variety Bag (21 count)

    Indulge in the exquisite flavors of our chocolate assortment, carefully crafted to tantalize your taste buds and offer a sensory journey through the world of cocoa. Our assortment includes seven delectable chocolates, each wrapped in a unique foil that...

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  • Gift Basket

    Gift Basket

    The perfect seagrass gift basket for chocolate lovers.   Includes: 1 50% cacao Thistle & Rose milk chocolate bar 1 package of chocolate coated almonds, raisins, cranberries, or coffee beans 1 bottle of Aggie Chocolate Factory Cacao...

  • Large Gift Box

    Gift Box - Large

    The ultimate Aggie gift assortment, thoughtfully curated to delight the senses. Packaged elegantly in a beautifully branded Old Main box, this collection is a true celebration of exquisite flavors and artisanal craftsmanship a) Thistle & Rose 70%...

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  • Medium Gift Box

    Gift Box - Medium

    An extraordinary Aggie gift collection crafted to captivate the senses. Showcased within an eye-catching decorative blue box adorned with a silvered Old Main motif, this gift collection will not disappoint. Inside this gift box, you'll find a...

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  • Meso American

    MAD - Frother Kit

    Aggie Chocolate Factory's robust Meso American Drinking (MAD) Chocolate combine with a premium hot chocolate frother is a terrific treat for all hot chocolate lovers. Aggie MAD Chocolate, an authentic blend that echoes the cherished hot chocolate recipe...

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  • Peanut Clusters - bite size (9oz)

    Peanut Clusters - bite size (9oz)

    Aggie Chocolate Factory's Peanut Clusters are an irresistible fusion of fresh, premium peanuts and the luscious embrace of Swiss-style milk chocolate. Crafted with a blend of expertise and passion, these clusters redefine indulgence. Carefully crafted...

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  • Special orders and Custom orders

    Special orders and Custom orders

    Please call or email Steve Bernet, Aggie Chocolate Factory manager, for special orders and custom orders.   We have many options for: Corporate and business gifting Custom wrapped chocolate bars Custom molded chocolate bars and much...

  • The Chocolate Seed Book

    The Chocolate Seed Book

    A wonderful, enlightening story describing the life of a cocoa bean from tree into your delicious chocolate bar. Written by children's author and chocolate sommelier Nettie Atkisson.   Please note:  The shipping fee listed includes only 1 to...

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