Aggie Chocolate (Virtual) Expo
October 12-16, 2020
Utah State University’s Aggie Chocolate Factory trains food science students and facilitates research and outreach to small business owners in the confectionary industry. The purpose of this event is to connect the public with the chocolate factory. During the week we will be hosting the Chocolate Creation Competition, recipe live-stream videos on our social media platforms, and informational videos on our YouTube channel. Safety is one of our main priorities, so we appreciate your understanding and hope that you will still enjoy the event.
Chocolate Creation Competition
Do you love to cook or bake with chocolate? Show off your chocolate skills in the Chocolate Creation Competiton.

All entries need to be dropped off at the Aggie Chocolate Factory on October 15th at noon.
The competition is open to the public and consists of two categories:
- Aggie Chocolate
- Other Chocolate
Prizes will be given to the top three in each category courtesy of Aggie Chocolate Factory and our sponsors.

Winners will be announced on social media (@aggiechocolate) on Friday, October 16th. 
Bean Counting Compeition
Go put your vote on Aggie Chocolate social media for a chance to win a prize. Prize will be announced soon!
Chocolate Expo Videos
We will be releasing one video per day. The videos will be highlighting the chocolate process.

Participating Companies