Aggie Chocolate Factory Donation Policy
The Aggie Chocolate Factory has limited funds to utilize for donations. Although many causes are very valuable and deserve a contribution, the Aggie Chocolate Factory cannot contribute to everything.

Priorities are as follows:
    Student Groups
    University Events
    Other non-University associated events

Criterion used to evaluate donation requests:
    Above priorities
    Type of event
    Regular customers of Aggie Chocolate Factory 
    First come/first serve
    Type of exposure planned for Aggie Chocolate Factory 

Donation Request Forms must be submitted online through our website 2 weeks in advance minimum in order to ensure consideration.

Donation Request Forms will be reviewed each Monday for the following two weeks. The group should expect to be notified no later than Wednesday of the week prior to the event.
You will be expected to list Aggie Chocolate Factory  as a sponsor on all advertising before or during your event. Upon approval you will be emailed a logo to use. Failure to do so may affect the organization’s ability to receive donations from Aggie Chocolate Factory in the future.
*If you have questions about donations or this policy, please contact the Aggie Chocolate Factory

Phone: 435-797-6427