Aggie Chocolate Factory Donation Policy

Aggie Chocolate Factory, under the direction of the College of Agriculture and Applied Sciences, contributes to the local community by providing funds that can be used for donations. There are many important causes, however, the Aggie Chocolate Factory cannot contribute to all of them.  For this reason, the following rules apply to donations.

  1. A typical donation is less than $50.
  2. Priority is given to
    1. University Student Groups
    2. University Events
    3. Non-University events
  3. Criterion used to evaluate donations requests
    1. Above priorities
    2. First come/first served
    3. Promotional exposure for the Aggie Chocolate Factory

Groups receiving donations must list Aggie Chocolate Factory as a sponsor/donor on advertising materials before and during your event.

If you have questions about donations or this policy, please contact Steve Bernet

Please send your donation request to and include the following information:

  • Name of event or cause
  • Group or entity organizing event or cause
  • Name, telephone number, and email address of event organizer
  • Date and time of event or cause
  • Location of event the event or cause
  • Number of people expected to participate in event
  • Detailed description of event or cause
  • Describe how your event will promote the Aggie Chocolate Factory and the Department of Nutrition, Dietetics, and Food Sciences