Aggie Chocolate Factory Chocolate Science Camp


Learn and experience the chocolate making process from farm-to-bar.  This 4 hour session will include:

  • Information about growing and harvesting cocoa beans on the farm
  • Hands on experience processing cocoa including:
    • Sorting and selecting quality cocoa beans for processing
    • Roasting cocoa beans for flavor development
    • Winnowing cocoa beans to remove shell and collect cocoa nibs
    • Grinding nibs, sugar, and milk powder into bulk chocolate
    • Hand tempering chocolate to achieve an ideal cocoa butter crystal structure
    • Hand dipping/coating items with tempered chocolate
    • Producing chocolate bark with inclusions


This camp is limited to 12 participants, ages 8 -11.

Time:  Starts promptly at 1pm.  Finishes at 5pm.

Includes: All supplies and materials, professional instruction, items made by the student during class.