Bulk Hand Crafted Single Origin Chocolate

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Our bulk chef’s chocolate comes in 1 lb blocks or 12oz package.

Costa Esmeraldas 70% Dark: strong, earthy base chocolate flavor with notes of roasted nuts that come naturally from the cacao beans.

Maya Mountain Belize 70% Dark: subtle, tangy berry flavor with mellow undertones of honey, caramel, and pineapple that come naturally from the cacao beans.

Costa Esmeraldas Milk: rich and bold flavored milk chocolate bar with notes of caramel, malt, and sea salt. 

Chefs, chocolate lovers, and dessert enthusiasts can get excited by our bulk chocolate available in all of our chocolate flavors. Our bulk chocolate is relied on every day by our Aggie Chocolate Cafe chefs to create our delicious cafe pastries.  Unlike our bars, the chocolate is not tempered, meaning it does not appear shiny.  You will find the same flavor notes in our bulk chocolate as you do in our bars.