Bar - Guatemala, Chivite 70% Dark

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Aggie Chocolate Factory Supplier: Uncommon Cacao

When journeying from Lanquín town to San Juan Chivite community, travelers can trace the course of the lively Cahabón River, enveloped by the lush jungle. Along this path, occasional rope bridges span the river's expanse. One of these bridges leads to San Juan Chivite, a Q’eqchi’ Maya community that constitutes the Ademayach association. Origination from community members, including Carlos Caal and Santiago Sotz Cholom, who once worked on a 180-hectare farm under German ownership that was later abandoned.

Seeking support, these former farm workers connected with a foundation that acquired the land. The producer community secured a 30-year loan to gradually repay the land's cost. Recently, they successfully repaid the loan, resulting in direct ownership of the land by the producers. Within this domain, cacao cultivation continues, utilizing techniques such as box fermentation, solar dryers, and meticulous hand sorting to uphold quality standards. Concurrently, efforts are directed towards soil conservation strategies and the integration of solar energy.

The organic-certified Chivite cacao, known for its flavor notes of mango, banana, and sweet tart candies, originates from the hands of 43 Ademayach association members. Due to limited production capacity, this origin tends to sell out quickly.


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