Bar - Ecuador, Hacienda Victoria 50% Milk Chocolate

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Since its establishment in 2011, Hacienda Victoria has maintained a remarkable employee retention rate of less than 1%. Employees enjoy biweekly medical check-ups and stay in Rainforest Alliance-certified living spaces, complete with a fully equipped kitchen and three daily cooked meals. Financial guidance is offered through quarterly meetings with a finance specialist, and a scholarship program supports those interested in further exploration of cacao-related fields.

Hacienda Victoria has partnered with with Fundación Jambeli to create a hub for native birds, focusing on conserving the endangered Guayacan Verde species. Our efforts involve veterinary care, food, and a safe environment for mating, ultimately releasing baby birds into the wild. A commitment to reforestation is evident as Hacienda Victoria provides a significant portion of its land to growing native trees, with plans to plant over 500 more by the end of 2023.

Hacienda Victoria has also contributed to the nearby community of Bajada de Progreso by collaborating with Fundación Unidos por la Educación to establish an advanced elementary school, promoting organized community support and alternative education. Demonstrating responsible practices, Hacienda Victoria implemented resourceful irrigation and soil management systems to protect the nurturing land of Cacao Nacional Arriba, benefiting both crops and the surrounding environment.

Cocoa bean source: Twenty Degrees Cacao/Hacienda Victoria