Bar - Dominican Republic, Oko Caribe 70% Dark

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Aggie Chocolate Factory Supplier: Uncommon Cacao

Located in the heart of the cacao-abundant Duarte province in the Dominican Republic, Öko-Caribe (or "eco-Caribe" in German) stands out as a prominent cacao provider. Possessing over five decades of collective experience in the cacao industry, proprietors Adriano de Jesus Rodriguez and Gualberto Acebey Torrejon have honed their practices, ensuring consistent, exceptional quality within their annual production exceeding 500 tons. Öko Caribe establishes strong bonds with its 127 producers by imparting technical training in agronomic methods and securing organic certification.

Adriano and Gualberto maintain personal connections with each producer, extending microfinance loans for cacao-related expenses and even personal loans for familial or communal emergencies. This cooperative presents Uncommon Cacao with a distinct quality achieved through meticulous hand sorting, enhancing the beans' exceptional workability. Renowned globally, the Dominican Republic is a pivotal player and pioneer in organic cacao production, with Öko Caribe earning recognition as a local leader for its steadfast commitment to quality and remarkable flavor.

In 2020, Öko Caribe furthered their commitment by investing in additional fermentation boxes and solar drying platforms, thereby increasing their production capacity to better cater to the burgeoning craft chocolate market. Their high-quality cacao boasts flavor notes of vanilla, marzipan, and coconut cream.


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