Aggie Chocolate Cocoa Pod


Costa Esmeraldas dark, Maya Mountain dark, or Costa Esmeraldas milk chocolate that comes in the shape of a cocoa pod.

Costa Esmeraldas Dark: strong, earthy base chocolate flavors with notes of roasted nuts.

Maya Mountain Dark: subtle, tangy berry flavors with mellow undertones of honey, caramel, and pineapple.

Costa Esmeraldas Milk: rich and bold flavored milk chocolate with notes of caramel, malt, and sea salt. 

ABOCFA Ghana Dark: Dry earthy tones with a roasted nutty flavor that develops into a sweet, acidic, tangy, berry and fig flavor.

Cocoa Pods are the perfect treat for handouts and parties! Use coupon code "cocoapod" to get each pod for $1.25 on orders of 100+.